Short Stories

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The Bartender
Coming off the back of a bad break up, Nadine lets herself be talked into drinks after work with her best friend, Chantal. But when Chantal doesn’t arrive on time, Nadine ends up talking to somebody new and entirely different.

Best Friends
Jai hasn’t spoken to his best friend since Mattie came out to him but when they are assigned to the same dorm, it’s only a matter of time before something happens. Just not what Mattie was expecting.

The Boy Next Door
Tye and Scott have always shared a fantasy about Hayden, the perfect boy next door but when they catch him peeking in their window, things move from fantasy to reality.

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Recently divorced, Eva decides it’s never too late in life to have some fun.

The Ex
Last time Anne saw Easton, she was sure it would be the last time, but when she runs into him unexpectedly, she finds all her old feelings rushing back.

My Best Friend’s Sister
When Heidi comes back from university to visit her best friend, Steph, the last person she expected to connect with was Steph’s bratty little sister, Daisy. But a long time has passed, Daisy has grown up and Heidi can’t help but be attracted to her even though she’s way off-limits.

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One Night Stand
(Coming Soon)

When Francesca’s roommate, Ingrid makes breakfast, Francesca only has a few moments before classes to show her appreciation but she knows the best way to thank her.

Stranger In The Night
Amber is no stranger to one night stands but has she bitten off more than she can chew when she leaves the bar with a tall, dark, handsome man with a dangerously strong interest in her?

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